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Financial Calculators

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Our services include

Online financial planning tools

Mintster.in provides you very user friendly & theoretically sound free financial tools to help you do your tax planning, retirement planning, goal planning, insurance planning & asset allocation planning.

This website is made for the millions of net savvy salaried Indians who prefer self-help over unsolicited advice.

Our Tax Planning tool is the most comprehensive tax planning calculator available online. It is very simple yet adequately detailed. Our notes & various content articles can help a beginner get a fair understanding of tax planning & help him do his tax planning himself.

Our Retirement Planning & Goal Planning tools help a user to calculate his required monthly investments to fulfil important goals. The tools are very simple & user friendly, yet sophisticated enough to accommodate complex needs of different individuals. The user is also provided with a relevant asset allocation & some relevant financial products to invest in.

Our Asset Allocation & Risk Profiling tool helps a user to calculate his risk appetite and asset allocation. Our complex yet very user friendly risk profiling tool considers investment objective, annual income, dependents, past experiences, risk tolerance, eagerness to take more risks & capacity to take losses.

Our Asset Allocation tool helps a user determine the appropriate way to invest his hard earned savings so that he can get maximum financial growth at his suitable risk appetite.

Our Life Insurance Planning tool helps a user to calculate his term insurance requirements. Did you know that for a 30 year old individual with monthly expenses of `25,000, an insurance of `90 lakhs for 30 years is necessary? Most of the people in the country are underinsured, resulting in financial insecurity for family, if God forbid they pass away at an early age.

Our Comprehensive Planning tool helps a user to know his tax saving, investment & insurance requirements for complete financial security in life & maximum financial growth.

Our various articles provide lots of information on tax saving, investment planning, selection of financial products & various other topics provide very useful information to beginners as well as experts.

We strongly suggest that you use mintster.in before investing your savings in any financial product. Our tools will help you plan & select your investments appropriately so as to provide adequate liquidity as well as maximum financial growth.

Purchase of financial products

We and our partners are distributors of all kinds of financial products like


Online mutual funds trading account

Investing through mintster.in and its partners offers various advantages:

No account opening charges, No hidden charges & No Brokerage: There is no brokerage for any transaction in mutual funds. There are no account opening charges too.

Free Expert Advisory & Invesment Planning: Get expert advisory & personal support to help you get the best out of your investments.

Periodic review & product recommendations: You will get free periodic review of your investments & we will recommend appropriate products supported by quality research to adapt your portfolio to market dynamics.

Best Online Investment Platforms: Our distribution & transaction partners FundsIndia.com & NJ India Invest are among the top mutual fund distributors in India & offer the best investment platforms.


Transact online or through phone: You can transact in mutual funds online at the click of a button to buy, sell, transfer, start SIP or cancel SIP, etc. You also have the facility to transact by a simple phone call to our customer executive.

Complete basket: Complete basket of mutual fund products available in the market is available to you. You can also buy shares of companies listed on NSE or BSE through the account

Simple registration process: The registration process is very simple. You fill our form, we send you a document, you sign the document, and we collect it from you (for selected cities) or you mail it through post. Now you are ready to explore the power of online mutual fund transactions

Mobile app: Transact & track your portfolio using your mobile phones